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- Handhelds / Profilers / Dust Monitors

Met One Instrument’s handheld particle counters and dust monitors are designed primarily for use in controlled environment applications. Particle counters detect and measure individual particles as small as 0.3 microns in diameter. Dust monitors feature particle mass concentration reporting. Our particle profilers take particle counting to the next level adding full user control over the sizing bins while extending the concentration range. Specific product information is available below and in a comparative product table.

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Our particle counters are available factory direct as well as through Authorized Resellers.

GT-321 GT-521 GT-526 Aerocet 531 Model 212
Single Channel Particle Counter
Two Channel Particle Counter
Six Channel Particle Counter
Aerocet 531
Mass Particle Counter / Dust Monitor
Model 212
Eight Channel Particle Profiler

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