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Met One Instruments BAM-1020 Beta Gauge Verified In ETV Fine Particulate Mass Test

Grants Pass Oregon – Monday October 29, 2001.

US-EPA made public today the long awaited results of the ETV Fine Particulate Test, which had been ongoing over the past year. In Met One's opinion, the results of the study unequivocally demonstrate that the Met One Instruments BAM-1020 was the only automatic PM2.5 monitor out of the seven instruments tested to give consistently good results at both the Pittsburgh and Fresno test sites.

“The results of the ETV study are clear and speak for themselves,” said Dr. David Gobeli, Met One Instruments’ Technology Director. “Users who are interested in having not to worry about geographical or seasonal correction factors, should be quite interested in reading the BAM-1020 ETV report.” Dr. Gobeli went on to say “the results of the Fresno segment of the study are especially revealing because they are completely consistent with the results of the 1999 Bakersfield Study, which judged the BAM-1020 to yield more accurate, more precise results than other particulate monitors appearing in both studies. By adding another test site in the eastern part of the country, we were able to demonstrate the BAM-1020’s strong precision, accuracy and reliability data is independent of geographic or seasonal factors.”

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