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AWS Automatic Weather Monitoring System
Please contact us for custom systems to meet your monitoring requirements for portable or fixed stations. Complete integration with satellite, modems, cell packages, dataloggers, particulate monitors, software, and various mounting configurations.
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Met One Instruments' Crane Alarm Systems used around the world to protect longshoreman, construction workers and citizens.  Accurate, rugged, reliable systems with sensors complying to USEPA standards.  Don't put you or your workers lives at risk with low standards.

Buy Met One. Contact or call 541 471 7111 for Crane Alarm information as well as aerosol particulate and hazards monitors.
"(3) Wind-indicating devices. (i) After October 3, 1983, each rail-mounted bridge and portal crane located outside of an enclosed structure shall be fitted with an operable wind-indicating device.

(ii) The wind indicating device shall provide a visible or audible warning to alert the operator of high wind conditions. That warning shall be transmitted whenever the following circumstances are present:

(A) When wind velocity reaches the warning speed, not exceeding the crane manufacturer's recommendations; and

(B) When wind velocity reaches the shutdown speed, not exceeding the crane manufacturer's recommendations, at which time work is to be stopped and the crane secured."

Wind Sensor
50.5 Sonic Wind Sensor
010C Wind Speed Sensor
020C Wind Direction Sensor
014A Wind Speed Sensor
024A Wind Direction Sensor
034B Wind Sensor
013 Wind Speed Sensor
023 Wind Direction Sensor

Temperature Sensors & Accessories
060, 062, 064 Temperature Sensors
063 Soil, Water Probe
5980 Temperature Shield
073B Temperature Shield
076B Aspirated Temperature Shield
077 Aspirated Temperature Shield

Relative Humidity
083E Temperature/Relative Humidity Probe

Barometric Pressure
092 Barometric Pressure Gauge

Solar Radiation
Solar Radiation Sensors

370/380 Series

Calibration Equipment

OEM and Special Application Sensors
Met One Instruments manufactures special application sensors for OEM and Customers who have purchased systems from MOI over the past 30 years. Please contact for information.

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