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BAM 1020 PM-Coarse Measurement System
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Met One Instruments, Inc. Announces Nationwide Trade-In Program for Older Style BAM-1020, Other Monitors, for the BAM-1020 PM2.5 FEM

Met One Instruments, Inc. made history with the BAM-1020 when the US-EPA and the U.S. Federal Government announced that the BAM-1020 had become the first continuous particulate monitor to earn US-EPA designation as a Class III PM2.5 equivalent method in March, 2008.

Met One Instruments, Inc. is pleased to announce a special program for existing users of older BAM-1020 monitors or other continuous PM monitors to trade these units for the BAM-1020 PM2.5 FEM.

This program provides customers with an economical way of replacing equipment, which in many cases is more than twelve years old, with the BAM-1020 PM2.5 FEM. The BAM-1020 PM2.5 FEM is the only continuous particulate monitor, which the US-EPA allows to be used as a replacement for labor-intensive, manual PM2.5 FRM samplers.

For further information on how we can help with your trade-in, please contact:

Dr. David Gobeli
Jo Ann Pottberg

BAM-1020 On Display at the BAQ 2008 Workshop in Bangkok, Thailand, 12-14 November 2008

The highly popular BAM-1020 continuous particulate monitor was a center of attention at The Better Air Quality 2008 (BAQ 2008) workshop in Thailand. Shown as part of our local distributor's (Sithiphorn) exhibit booth, the BAM-1020 is the only U.S. EPA PM-2.5 Federal Equivalent Method continuous monitor.

For those who own or are thinking of purchasing the E-BAM, E-Sampler, please read this latest report from the US Forest Service.

The California Air Resources Board has released a comprehensive study where the performance of the Met One Instruments BAM-1020 configured to monitor PM2.5 is monitored at 18 sites throughout the state over a period of 1 year in the state's multiple climatic regions. All BAM-1020 monitors were equipped with the smart heater. The results of this study unequivocally demonstrate the superior performance of the BAM-1020, previously shown in the US-EPA ETV program. The California Air Resources Board and associated air quality management districts currently deploy the BAM-1020 at more than 140 sites thoughout the state. 

For further information or questions, please contact Dr. David Gobeli at or

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(Reference A3 represents the BAM 1020 manufactured by Met One Instruments.)


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