Scientific and meteorological equipment callibration


1. Can we buy factory direct?

Yes, you may purchase directly from the factory or from an official distributor. We like to know our customers and to make sure they are taken care of before and after sales.

2. You have a diverse product line and complete services, whom do we contact?

Met One manufactures scientific instruments for meteorology and particulate monitoring. We also manufacture dataloggers, develop software, and accessories to make the system integration run smoothly. We do field services for installation and calibrations and offer seminars to government agencies and other groups.

Call 541 471 7111 and we will find the person to answer your question.
See the list of email contacts on our web page for sales or service.

3. What is your delivery if I order standard equipment?

We have most items in stock and a systems integrated order may take from a couple of days to 2 weeks. On 'specials', the deliver may take 4-6 weeks ARO. For emergencies, we can ship the same day 99% of the time.

4. Are you a U.S. Company?

We do all of our engineering and manufacturing under one roof in Grants Pass, Oregon. We have complete control over our products so we can maintain high quality standards and on-time deliveries.

5. What kind of training do you offer?

Customers are always welcome to visit the factory for training when they purchase our equipment. Training is provided at no charge. If the customer has a 'group' to train, we will come to you. Arrangements are made through your sales contact.

6. Do offer seminars on your equipment?

Yes, we are available to give seminars on our equipment as well as product demonstrations. Arrangements are made through your sales contact.

7. Why don't you have prices on your web page?

We like to 'meet' our customers and find out what application they are using the equipment for and for how long. We can offer valuable time and money saving advice if we have the opportunity to communicate with you.

Contact one of the sales staff and they will send you a proposal for your requirement. All systems engineering and integration information is free at the quote level. We work on a 'team' basis with our engineering, sales and production to give you as complete information possible at this level of your inquiry.

8. How do I place an order?

Contact the person who signed your proposal and they will help you place your order and gather information as to when you need the equipment and credit information required. Once the order is placed, you will receive an acknowledgement from the order processing department confirming your request.

9. How do I track an order?

Contact the Order Department for all questions regarding shipping.

10. How do I establish credit?

Contact the Accounting Department and they will ask you for credit references and set the terms with you.

11. I have a technical question regarding equipment I already own. Whom do I call?

Call 541 471 7111 and ask for the Service Department or email

12. I don't know exactly what I need, whom do I call?

Call 541 471 7111 and ask for a Sales Person. You will be connected to someone who will help you with your particular product requirement. Or, send an email to

13. Do you have ISO certification?

Met One Instruments, Inc. is ISO 9001:2000 registered. We also have CE, EPA, NRC, JIS, NIST certified equipment.

14. Do you have new equipment coming out in the near future?

We have an engineering department staffed by 8 engineers who are constantly improving our products using customer input and developing new products for our industry.

We introduce at least 2-3 new products each year to meet the growing demand for environmental monitoring equipment.

15. I lost my manual. How can I get a new manual and how much does it cost?

For a sensor manual, the cost is $25.00 and for a systems manual, the cost is $50.00. Please contact the Service Department and it can be emailed or faxed to you quickly.



Corporate Sales & Service:
1600 Washington Blvd., Grants Pass, Oregon 97526
Phone 541/471-7111, Fax 541/471-7116
Regional Service: 3206 Main St., Suite 106, Rowlett, Texas 75088
Phone 972/412-4747, Fax 972/412-4716